Life Purpose Juice Cleanse

7-day raw vegan juice cleanse designed to catapult you into true connection with the Divine and your life purpose, by activating your crown chakra. We repeat it again July 2nd 2022!

The 7-Day Life Purpose Juice cleanse includes:

A complete how-to juice cleanse guide

21 different juice recipes

A guided meditation to keep you on track

Access to a private Facebook community

A full "how-to" video course

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What's Included in the 7-Day Juice Cleanse

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Delicious Raw Juice Recipes

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A full

How-to juice cleanse guide

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Full access

To a private Facebook support group (LIFETIME access, so you can repeat the cleanse)

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Specialized videos with everything you need to know + 1 LIVE Q&A

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A full

Shopping list for all the recipes

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Guided Breathwork Meditation

One of my most sacred creations to date...

The 7-Day Life Purpose Juice Cleanse is a live 7 day juice cleanse designed to catapult spiritual seekers into true connection with themselves, their life purpose and their creativity, by activating the crown chakra, opening you to the connection with the Divine that you have been looking for.

Why 7 days of juices?

If you've followed my journey, you know my deep passion for raw foods and their ability to support us spiritually.

After a raw vegan diet helped me heal suicidal depression in 2011, I have since dedicated my time to understanding how foods really affect us, not only physically, but spiritually. I've come to understand that there is a direct correlation between our physical and spiritual health, and raw foods play a vital part in this process. A juice cleanse is taking it next level.

So I created the 7-Day Life Purpose Juice Cleanse for a few reasons.

First of all, my experience with doing various cleanses, all from water fasting, intermittent fasting and juice fasting, I've found that juice fasting is immensely powerful and the most accessible to most people, yet doing it in a balanced way is hard to come by.

Secondly, I find that most juice cleanses out there totally leave out the spiritual benefits and potential of such a cleanse, not allowing people to access the deep potential for spiritual growth.

And lastly, I deliberately was able to access my own life purpose through fasting and the tools described in this guide, so I want to pass that gift forward to you so you can leap into your own greatness, in just 7 days.

I created this Magickal offering for the spiritual seeker who understands that there is more to life than we are told, and that purifying your physical body plays a vital part in uncovering your full potential as a spiritual being.

Because guess what? We are spiritual but ALSO physical beings.

And when we learn to work with both our physical and spiritual body in a balance, we take quantum leaps in our spiritual growth.

This is what juice cleansing did for me, and I am here to share the authentic message of how raw juices can change your life.

Benefits of juice cleansing are

Increased energy, better skin, natural weight loss

Increased creativity and deeper connection with life

Deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing

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About The Author

Hi my Love! My name is Celia.

I'm a model, actress and Angelic + nutritional coach. I help people connect with their inner divinity and open themselves up to the realm of real, inner Magick.

Because you are Magick! We just need to uncover what is inbetween you and your own Magick.

​When I was a little girl I used to believe in Magick but circumstances and the people around eventually made me hide and suppress this part of me. As life went on, I couldn't go on living half a life hiding part of me in the shadows, and as life had it, I had to heal.

Dealing with suicidal depression became the crisis I had to overcome. After using conventional medicine with no luck, I learned how to heal myself through the elements of Nature. The one thing that made the biggest difference for me was raw foods, just 3 days on a raw vegan fruitarian diet, and my depression was completely gone. That was 10 years ago, and combined with all the other healing modalities I use, my life has only been getting better and better.

I dearly wish for everyone to connect with the powerful healing force of Nature, both spiritually and physically, and that is what sparked the creation of this juice cleanse!

Following this juice cleanse and the healing modalities included in it, will transform your life.

Read more about me on www.becomeaconsciouscreator.com

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During this week, you will...

Be able to successfully do a juice cleanse

Learn what Life Purpose truly is and connect with it through meditation

Connect with like-minded spiritual seekers and juice cleansers

Get access to a 6-video juicing course and 1 LIVE Q&A

Take quantum leaps towards connecting with your own life purpose

The Investment for the 7-Day Life Purpose Juice cleanse is 77.77 Euro

This is less than 15 euro per day*, including the video course and Raw Embodiment Masterclass! (Special offer that only comes with this package)

Every single part of this cleanse has been designed to awaken, invigorate and activate parts of you that you never expected to unlock so quickly.

Consider this 10 years of raw food, fasting and spiritual mastery jam packed into one epic, life changing week...

*My darlings a reminder that there are no refunds issued for the 7-Day Life Purpose Juice Cleanse, but no worries because this cleanse is worth every penny and so much more!



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